Cedar PeopleBSC

Breakthrough Individual Performance Management Tool using the Balanced Scorecard Framework

PeopleBSC is a comprehensive performance management tool that allows the HR organization and leadership team design a world-class employee performance management framework, monitor and track performance and make strategic decisions with regards to the human capital resources of an organization leveraging the world’s leading performance management framework – the Balanced Scorecard. Cedar has thought leadership in this space with heritage that includes being part of the firm that developed the Balanced Scorecard.


PeopleBSC has been developed to help organizations design an individual performance management framework using the BSC across 4 perspectives – Finance, Customer, Process, and Learning & Growth. The tool comes with a dictionary of over 1000 lead and lag measures leveraging Cedar’s 30 year experience in designing BSCs across the world. The tool further allows the organization to track employee performance at an enterprise, department, and individual level with amazing dashboards and analytics:

  • Design individual performance measures for each employee using the BSC framework.
  • Easily load monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual targets and actuals for each position.
  • Assignment weightages for each performance measure.
  • Leverage Cedar’s approach to performance rating for each employee, sub-department, department and overall enterprise.
  • Using amazing dashboards and analytics to assess employee performance at an individual level, but also aggregated at a sub-department, department, and enterprise level.
  • Compare employee performance easily.
  • User friendly PeopleBSC Studio allows one to update/modify the performance framework on a real time basis.


Key PeopleBSC Features

Single Dashboard View

Single integrated strategic view of overall enterprise performance based on employee performance that can also be downloaded in excel and PDF formats.

Drill Downs

Employee level analytics at a department & individual level. Compare employee performance.

Measure Library

Leverage a library of 1000 lead and lag measures to design a world-class performance management framework for each employee.

Performance Analytics

Track employee performance at each performance measure to identify gap areas, and drive improvement.

Trend Analysis

Track performance analysis on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis at all levels of the organization down to an employee.

Build a Performance Oriented Organization

Analytics to make strategic decisions on employees and headcount in building a performance-oriented company.

Get the Enterprise View at Once

PeopleBSC brings together a company’s overall performance at an employee level on an integrated basis. It provides an aggregated rating of the overall individual performance of the organization – almost a health check on the journey of being a performance-oriented organization with a performance-oriented culture. It aggregates performance at a department and organizational level along with trend analysis by department – which department is performing better at an individual level compared to another department. This allows for a strategic assessment of a department’s performance, drilling down to individuals that could have a positive or negative impact on organizational performance.

Best-in-class Department and Organizational Level View Dashboards

Aggregate individual performance at a sub-department, department, and organizational structure level. Rate overall departmental performance.

Track down employees that are positively supporting performance versus those that may need improvement. Track top and bottom performers

Detailed analysis of individual BSCs with interactive tables.

Driving Individual Performance

Monitor performance of each employee on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly & annual basis with insightful analytics. Compare performance to peers within the department or the overall organization. Identify areas to focus on for each employee to improve performance.

Comparable View

Easily compare the performance of two employees with amazing analytics to make rapid decisions on performance recognition, rewards, or areas of improvement. Analysis down to an individual performance measure level.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of dashboards are included in Cedar PeopleBSC?

There are specific PeopleBSC modules on

  • Enterprise View
  • Department View
  • Level View
  • Individual View
  • Compare View

Is it a cloud based service or on-premise?

PeopleBSC is a flexible solution that operates on the cloud or on-premise.

Are the dashboards and report data downloadable?

PeopleBSC users can download these in PDF, EXCEL, or into JPG, PNG formats that can be shared via email and presentation.

What are subscription types?

It is an annual subscription with the option of a single user access or an enterprise subscription which provides multi-user access.

What type of analysis is possible using the database?

Cedar PeopleBSC allows for the design, monitoring and tracking of individual performance by performance measure at an individual, sub-dept, department level with trend analysis on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis. It also allows performance comparison at individual and departmental level.

Is PeopleBSC compatible across all devices?

PeopleBSC can be accessed and navigated from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.